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Here are a few comments from Brethren about the Grand Lodge of Virginia Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses.

"I am delighted to see this development! This is exactly the kind of embrace of the internet, which will benefit Masonry. Now, individual Masons can take on-line training in Masonry, and work to "improve themselves in Masonry". Fantastic! Maybe some other Grand Lodges will pick up on this idea!"

"Thanks again, just completed Course # 1 - I think the most important part of taking this course is that it has opened up my eyes to the Laws of Freemasonry - and enabled me to seek out the readily available resource as needed, instead of asking sometimes ill-informed brethren."

"I have completed all of them and they are a very good source of masonic knowledge."

"I also have completed all four of the Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses. I learned a lot about Virginia Freemasonry and recommend all Masons in Virginia take the Courses too."

"I also took them. I really expanded my Masonic knowledge. It's great that you can access them online now."

"I'm very excited that the Courses are now available online. Learned about this at the Newport News DLC."

"Just wanted to notify you that I've just completed all 4 of the Online Correspondence Courses! Certainly took some time to do, but am now much more well informed of what goes on in our Symbolic Lodge. You most certainly did an excellent job in putting this program online, guys like myself will hardly complete anything that's not computer related where access is easy ;-)"