This online testing system cannot properly grade some answers you may give as they are printed in the Methodical Digest, thus some of your correct answers may be marked as incorrect when in fact they are correct. So pay little attention to the grade this system gives, as there is no passing or failing grade. Your test answers are reviewed by a real person, who can determine if you are correct. This system does not allow us to disable grading.

Successful completion of this program will require the use of information which can be found in the Methodical Digest, Manual of Ceremonies, Mentor's Manual, (the Presentation Volume may be used in lieu of the Manual of Ceremonies and the Mentor's Manual), the ritual and your general knowledge. All of these can be purchased online from the Grand Lodge of Virginia online shopping cart.

Paid for:

  • Methodical Digest: ** Is now a free download from the "Resources" section of the members only portal of the Grand Lodge website. ** Amended and Codified Dated 2009 or later. (Printed paper or electronic PDF version. The date is on the front page) If you cannot sign in to Grand View, there is also a paid version you can download.

  • Presentation Volume: Revised Dated 2017 or later. (Blue colored hardback book. The revised date can be found at the bottom of one of the first few pages)

  • Manual of Ceremonies: Dated 2002.(Purple colored paperback book. The revised date is on the front cover) NOTE: as of 2018, the Manual of Ceremonies is no longer being published, please use the Presentation Volume instead.

  • Mentor's Manual: Dated 2012 or later.(Orange colored paperback book. The revised date is on the front cover)

  • Manual of Work: Dated 2012 or later. (Tan / light brown colored small paperback book. The revised date is on the front cover)

  • The Holy Bible: (Needed in Course II Lessons II)

Free downloads:

If you do not have copies of the above mentioned manuals you may obtain them from your Lodge Secretary, the Grand Lodge office, or possibly borrow them from your Lodge Officers.

To answer all questions, the following steps are outlined.

  • For each question, there is a reference source listed after the question. (These sources are those as shown above.) This will tell you where the answers can be located.

  • To answer correctly; locate the necessary information from the reference material indicated and select your choice on the test page. In the space provided, show page number (from the Manual of Ceremonies, Mentor's Manual, and Presentation Volume) and section number (from the Methodical Digest) where your answer was found.

  • NOTE: When answering page numbers or Methodical Digest Sections questions enter only the number and no other information. e.g. for a page number enter "123" for Methodical Digest Section numbers enter "1.23". The lessons are automatically graded at the end and if you include other characters like hyphens or backslashes in your answers the system will mark it as an incorrect answer because it is looking only for the page number "123" or Section "1.23". The DEO Manual does include hyphens and should be formatted like "1-2". Methodical Digest page numbers should be "xiii" or "2".

  • Completion questions or fill-in the blanks with two or more words; There is only one field on the test form for you to enter your answer, just separate the words with a space. e.g. "Jack and___ went___ the___." Enter the answer "Jill up Hill". (words are not case sensitive.)

  • Answers pertaining to ritual may be given from your observation of the work in Lodge, or consulting a Lodge Officer. No page number is required when answering the question, just select the answer.

  • Questions asked with a reference of general knowledge can be answered in the same manner as above.

  • Course III: The Methodical Digest is the only reference material for this course. This is not repeated for each question; the term "Citation" appears after each question, where you are to put as citation the Methodical Digest Section or page from which you derived your answer. Examples: Citation: "4.01" or "2.137 D-4 1909" or page "ix"

  • All questions must be answered, as a score will be applied after you have finished each lesson. There is no passing or failing score or grade. At the end of each lesson your correct and incorrect answers are shown to you in the form of a score. The purpose of these courses are to educate you about Freemasonry and to serve as a learning tool to assist you in becoming familiar with the use of the materials available to you.

Registration and start a course:

Here are the steps and information you will need to start taking a lesson.

(1) Fill out the Registration Form to pay and receive the password(s)

(2) The password that is provided to you after payment is received is used in step 5.

(3) Select the lesson from within a course that you want to start. Click "Start new test"

(4) Enter your email address and a password that you create.

(5) Enter the password for the course that was provided to you in step 1.

(6) Enter your Grand Lodge Membership ID number which can be found on your dues card, e.g. 0123-0456.

(7) Enter your Lodge Name and Number e.g. Blue Lodge No. 123.

(8) Enter the Masonic District Number that your Lodge is located in, e.g. 1A, 3, 54.

Resume a lesson:

Once you start a lesson, you will have the option to "Save and Finish Later". To resume were you left off, simply return to the lesson page and select "Resume test." and log in with your email address and the password that you created in step 4 above.


After payment of $10.00 is received for each course that you elect to take, you will be provided with a password that will give you access to all lessons in that course. There are four (4) different password's, one for each course. Fill out the Registration Form, you can mail payment by check or receive the password immediately by paying online with a credit card.

** Methodical DigestThe electronic version of the Methodical Digest is now FREE, you can download it at no cost via the members section of the Grand Lodge of Virginia website
The download link is under the RESOURCES section of Grand View.
NOTE: If you have not previously signed up for Grand View you will need to contact your Lodge secretary to get your NEW Grand Lodge Member ID number which is needed for the Grand View membership registration process. Note this is NOT the same number that is on older dues cards.