The history and background information on the Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses.

In early 2012 the Grand Provost Walter Winchell Young approached IT Committee member William Baumbach asking about the possibility on having on online version of the courses. In September 2012 under the direction of Walter Yong, Paul Pennybacker, and Mark Mills, William Baumbach started the process of converting the paper versions of all four courses to an online version. After several months; on January 9, 2013 the Grand Master Most Worshipful Louis Kerford Campbell, other Grand Lodge Officers, the Grand Provost Mark Mills, and other members of the Committee on Masonic Education agreed to officially announce the availability of the online version of the courses to the Craft. During the process of converting the courses to an online format, it was decided to remove the essay portions of the courses to allow for automatic online grading.

By Worshipful Dick Walk of Herndon Lodge No. 264. A.F. & A.M. February 18, 2013.

Some background and my recollection of the development of the Grand Lodge Correspondence courses. I was asked to join the Committee of Masonic Education & Publications by the chairman Mt Wor Spencer McMath Rogers in 1986. Thomas Frederick May, while on the committee, attended a meeting in Ohio on Masonic Education where he learned that Ohio had a Grand Lodge correspondence course and brought it back with him. With some modifications that course became our Correspondence course #1 and was first issued in 1985. It covered the duties of the Worshipful Master, Senior & junior Wardens.

Course #1 was showing some success so Tom May asked me to write correspondence course #2, which I did. Since course #1 was about the stationed officers of the lodge I made Course #2 about the deacons and appointed officer; The Masonic symbols and Grand Lodge. I received a certificate of appreciation from Mt Wor Jones, Jr in 1988.

Cabel Cobbs nominated Thomas Frederick May Grand Jr Deacon and appointed our first Grand Provost (Renolds Jutson (Dick) Matthews) in 1989. About 1991 Wilson Adams was appointed the second Grand Provost. Dick Matthews was nominated Grand Jr Deacon by Werner Herman Morlock in 1993.

In 1993 the Grand lodge Grand Annual Communication was changed from February to November because of less possibility of snow. Werner (Bill) Morlock was elected Grand Master in February 1993 & was to serve until November 1994. I was appointed the third Grand Provost in February 1993. During my term the Grand Lodge officers were talking about having a 3rd correspondence on the use of the Methodical Digest but it was never solidified during my term. Mt Wor Morelock died before his term was completed and Mt Wor May became Grand Master.

John Quinley was appointed the fourth Grand Provost in 1994 but correspondence course #3 did not come out until the fifth Grand Provost was appointed. (Thomas Blizzard). 2000?

The early grading & supplying of correspondence courses was done by Charles Drummond and Herbert Hartlove. Mickey Ander was involved on the committee by preparing documents on leadership, protocol, decorum and etiquette as well as many other educational tools but was never involved in the correspondence courses.

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Dick Walk


  • Course I was written by Thomas Frederick May 1985.
  • Course II was written by Dick Walk (Herndon Lodge No. 264) 1987.
  • Course III 2000-2002?
  • Course IV was written by David Carl Wells (Roanoke) 2009.
  • Course V was written by Jeff St Onge. And is under development. 2012-2013. Scheduled for 2018-2019