Frequently Asked Question's


The Committee on Education does not record/track any “grades” for the lessons of the Correspondence Courses. They are only stored with the 3rd party company ClassMarker we use to provide the online testing system.

Unfortunately as we use a commercial system for this online testing system that cannot properly grade some answers you may give as they are printed in the Methodical Digest, thus some of your correct answers may be marked as incorrect when in fact they are correct. So pay little attention to the grade this system gives, as there is no passing or failing grade. Your test answers are reviewed by a real person, who can determine if you are correct. This system does not allow us to disable grading.

How much does it cost?

A fee of $10.00 per course is required. There are four (4) courses. This fee helps defray the cost of online program costs, printing, postage and other expenses involved in administering these courses.

Do I need books or other reference material to complete these courses?

Yes, please read the instructions page. Which lists the documents required. For the first three courses only the Methodical Digest (current edition) and Presentation Volume (latest edition) are required. For Course IV other documents are required and are listed in the instruction page.


Each course has a different password that will give you access to all of the lessons in that course. The password is only needed for the initial sign-up process for each course. If you registered for all four courses you will be provided with four different passwords. These passwords are not to be shared with anyone who has not already registered and paid for the course(s)! when you pay online (PayPal) select the link back to registration page and you will receive the password(s) immediately.

How many courses are there?

There are four (4) courses. Courses I-III have four (4) lessons each and course IV has three (3) lessons. There are a total of 471 questions.

What does each course cover?

  • Course I covers the duties of the Worshipful Master, Senior & junior Wardens.
  • Course II covers the deacons, appointed officer, Masonic symbols and Grand Lodge.
  • Course III covers Masonic law, use of the Methodical Digest. It is especially recommended for prospective District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Masters and District Educational Officers.
  • Course IV covers information about what you need to know as Worshipful Master, Officer of a Lodge or DEO. The Methodical Digest, Planning for your year as Worshipful Master, Responsibilities and Guideline for Officers.

Is there a time limit for answering each question?

No. You can take as long as you need.

Can I stop a lesson and comeback and finish it later?

Yes, During your initial sign-up process you provide your email address and created your own password which is what you will use to resume a lesson at a later time. You can "Save and finish later" as often as you want.

How long do I have to take the course?

About one year, Courses will be available to you online for about one year. After which time the administrator my delete old lessons which have not been completed.

Can I re-take a course or lesson?

Yes, at no additional cost.

Can I print a lesson?

Yes, when you have finished each lesson you will have opportunity to print all of the questions, your answers, and the acceptable correct answers. You cannot come back and print them at a later time, so make sure you print them right after you finished each lessons. If you forget, and need a lesson printed at a later time, you will need to contact us, and provide the name and email address you used to sign up for the course, so we can look it up, and email it to you.

Scores and grading:

There is no passing or failing score or grade. At the end of each lesson your correct and incorrect answers are shown to you in the form of a score. The purpose of these courses are to educate you about Freemasonry and to serve as a learning tool to assist you in becoming familiar with the use of the materials available to you.

Will I get to see my correct and incorrect answers?

Yes, right after you have finished each lesson all of the questions and your answers, along with what the acceptable correct answers will be displayed to you online. You will also have the opportunity to print them. The Committee on Masonic Education (COME) is automatically sent an email to notify them that you have completed the lesson.

Are the paper version of these Courses still available?

No, only the online version is being offered.

Certificates of completion:

After you have completed all of the lessons in a course your District Educational Officer (DEO) will be contacted by the COME to make arrangements for a certificate of completion to be presented to you in your Lodge by the DEO or his representative.