The registration form can be submitted electronically if you are paying by credit card, or can be filled out and printed if you are mailing a check (the mailing address is provided on the form).

At PayPal check-out, you must click on the "Return to merchant" link to be redirected to the webpage that has the password(s).
The available courses and costs are: Course I ........... ($10.00) Course II .......... ($10.00) Course III ......... ($10.00) Course IV ......... ($10.00)
Refer to the “Courses” for further information about the material covered in each course.

Available for online purchase:
Methodical Digest ............. Downloadable electronic version (PDF)
Presentation Volume ......... Mail order (Hardback book)

You can take the course(s) online now once your electronic payment is received.  After you fill out and submit this registration form, you will receive an automated email with a link to pay by credit card.  Once that is done, you will receive a password to access the online course you have chosen.  (Refer to the “Instructions” and “FAQ’s” for further information)
If you choose to the have the paper version of the course mailed to you, complete the registration form and print it out.  Send in the registration form and your check to the address on the form, and the courses will be mailed to you with instructions for returning them for grading.